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When it comes to catering and hospitality The Moets Group has a lineage unparalleled by most.
With an embellished track record of delighting customers through culinary expertise, innovation and sheer warmth spanning 4 Decades and 3 generations, Be it a warm family gathering, an
extravagant wedding or a formal official bash, The Moets Group has been a forerunner in catering to the choicest occasions in the personal as well as corporate realm.

We do not only serve food.

Over the years, while serving the best guests from all over the country we at The Moets Group have learnt that while catering to a knowledgeable audience just the food or the quality of service is not what the guests are looking for! This discovery gave birth to Moets Club Class- A complete catering solution provider that aims at providing the guests the complete experience.

Work Experience - 52 years

Minimum Order - 60 people

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Instagram - moetscatering

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Payment Policy - 50% Advance


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