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It's not just a wedding for you. It's not just photography for us. There is much more to it. We bring to you that more, for you to cherish a lifetime. Remember your grandpa had told you once how he had run a mile only to receive a telegram from your grandma in the good old days. How celebrated their love was. Now let us send your wedding telegram to you; let us make you send your wedding telegrams to all the specials in your life to commemorate the beginning of your love story. What we call as your Weddingrams.

Facebook - Weddingrams
Instagram - weddingrams
Website - www.weddingrams.com

Work experience - 4 years

Pay Policy :
50% advance on confirmation
30% advance before the wedding day
Remaining 20% before development of the album

Travel policy - Client has to pay for the travel and accommodation for events outside Delhi/NCR


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