Tired of the same old, boring, pre-wedding shoot? Why not mix things up a little bit and take inspiration from some of these new age wedding pictures! We assure you that you’ll have too much fun trying these out!


  1. One for the three musketeers



Ever wondered how your grandma and mom felt on their weddings? Make your wedding album extra special by including a picture of the three generations of women – your grandmother, your mother and yourself.

  1. Rope everyone in


(Inspire Photography)

Make your loved ones feel involved by clicking an extremely cheesy picture with your to-be husband, with everyone standing around you in the shape of a heart. Talk about it being your day, eh?


  1. Be a bit too candid




(Photograph by Ashley Shutter / Via ashleyshutterphotography.com)

Your wedding day is supposed to be a day full of joy. The foundation of a marriage is honesty. How about bring joy and honesty together and click an overly-honest picture with your bridesmaids? Everyone sees a picture of the bride looking drop-dead gorgeous with her clique on the big day but has anyone ever seen the “behind the scenes” edit for the same?


  1. Bring perspective


( http://www.wedinator.com/)enhanced-buzz-6186-1392220797-31


We all know that a woman can be quite a handful for her to-be husband. Bring humour to your wedding by taking a picture from the groom’s perspective. We are sure that every husband would be able to relate to this picture!


  1. Daddy’s little girl



They say that every woman looks for the qualities of her father in her groom. Every bride gets a picture with their groom on their wedding day. How about get a “First Look” with the other man who is most affected by your wedding, your father!  After all, a father is a girl’s first hero.


  1. The one with PRIVACY



Indian weddings don’t give the newly-wed couple much privacy. So why not mock that very characteristic and get a picture with your family in the picture frame, actually giving you privacy by covering their eyes, while you kiss your husband. Too awkward for you? Well it’ not like anyone’s watching!


  1. Man-up!



You are getting married to your MAN. Just to prove this point, make his groomsmen pose in a hilarious picture, symbolizing the evolution of man. We’re sure every groomsman would be at their own stage of evolution so it won’t be too difficult to make them take their positions!


  1. The “How we know the bride” shot



Ever gone for a wedding and had everyone ask you how you know the bride? For your wedding, put an end to the confusion and click a picture with your bridesmaids holding placards stating how they know you.


  1. It’s MY day!



Your wedding day is all about you. You are the star and you are running the whole show. Everyone eagerly waits to see the beautiful bride. We all know that your friends’ Instagram and Facebook accounts will be flooded with pictures of you. So why not take this to the next level? Let the paparazzi in!!


  1. ROAD TRIP!!


(shannonbrasel.com / Via fioreblossoms.blogspot.com)

Make your photo-shoot a fun day out with your man, his groomsmen and your bridesmaids. Experiment with different poses at different locations. You can also hire a nice vintage car for the occasion, if that’s your thing and colour coordinate your attires with the car for the perfect picture. The main agenda is to be adventurous and have fun!


  1. With your best furry friend


(Gambol Photography)

If you have a pet, you know how much of a companion your furry friend is to you. Just because you’ve found another companion (your husband), doesn’t mean that they are replaceable. Don’t leave your pet out in your wedding pictures. After all, your pets might be a part of your world but you are their world.

  1. L-O-V-E



It’s your wedding and you’re allowed to be as cheesy as you want to be. They say love makes the world go round and what they say is true.


So which picture idea caught your eye the most? Let us know which one you’re planning on getting clicked!

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