When we think of Save-The-Date or Wedding invites, the same boring picture of a rectangular shaped envelope comes to our mind. We thought you might want to stir things up a bit and try out one of these 7 unique ideas for your invites!


  1. The Inflatable Invite :

When we see balloons, we automatically relate them to celebration. Why not print your Save the Date invite on a balloon that requires to be inflated by your guests? Make your guests work a little; after all, you shouldn’t be the only ones working for your wedding..



(Source – Pinterest)


(Source – Pinterest)


  1. The “Message in a Bottle” Invite :

Make your invite look exotic and add to the thrill by sending your invites as a message in a bottle. This invite is perfect for a Beach destination wedding. Even if it isn’t a destination wedding, who doesn’t like being adventurous, reading a message in a bottle? Make this childhood fantasy come true for your guests!



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(Source – Pinterest)


  1. Go Vintage!!

If you’re one to like pop culture or vintage themes, you can opt to design vintage wedding invites. We love the idea and what’s better – they aren’t common at all. You can either opt to get the invites printed in the form of a post card, including a picture of your fiancé and you; or just keep it simple with retro/vintage text. You won’t be disappointed with the results!



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(Source – Pinterest)


  1. The Tippy-Tippy-Tap Invite :

Who doesn’t remember making at least one of these while growing up? Take a trip down the memory lane and design your invites like one of these! The sheer number of pockets will give enough space to include the essential details of your wedding day. This invite is adorably perfect for high school sweethearts!!



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(Source – Pinterest)


  1. The “Essence of our Love” Invite :

If you want to give your guests a small token of your love along with the card, you can design your card to look like a paper box with a small Scented candle in it! Dry-fruit is so outdated these days, why not freshen up your invite and what does the job better than a scented candle?



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(Source – Pinterest)

  1. Wedding Handkerchiefs :

Weddings bring tears of joy to everyone’s eyes. You can opt to make your invite symbolic of that joy by printing it on handkerchiefs. At least your guests wouldn’t have to look for something to wipe their tears with on your wedding day during the “vidai”. It’ll be a Bring-Your-Own-Hanky kinda wedding!!



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  1. The “Love Stew” Invite :

Toss things up and add some spice to your wedding invite! The best way to do this is by designing your invite to look like a Love Stew recipe. You can have immediate family and your own names mentioned under “Basic Ingredients” and Wedding Functions under “Steps”. Additionally, have a category called “Garnish” (left blank) where you write your guests’ names in each invite! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


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