7 Niche Bachelorette Party Ideas

A bachelorette party is one event that every bride and her bridesmaids look forward to. It gives the old gang a fantastic opportunity to let their hair down and go crazy. While dining out and sipping some delicious cocktails, dancing and lots of gossiping happen without saying, doing something a little different for this wondrous occasion is also not a bad idea!

For instance, throwing a destination bachelorette party for the bride is trending these days. How about some retail therapy? That’s also a fun pick, right?! In a nutshell, there are so many things that the mad bunch of girls can do. So here we are – listing out 7 such ideas that can make a bachelorette party go from passe to niche.

Have a look:

1. Have a spa-arty

Yup. When we say “spa-arty”, we mean combining spa sessions and partying! Pre-wedding planning can be quite stressful for the bride. From shopping for the perfect trousseau to interacting with all the guests – all activities can and do take a toll on the bride. Therefore, there’s nothing better than de-stressing at a spa session complete with yummy cocktails and yummy bites.


This option is perfect if the bride doesn’t want to do anything wild but at the same time, spend some quality time with her babes.

2. How about a PJ party?

Remember the sleepovers you used to have with your friends in school? Well, recreate that magic but with wine and red velvet cupcakes! Do each other’s manicures or braids, talk a lot and even play scandalous games such as “I would never ever ever…” with your gal pals. There’s nothing better than re-living the good old teenage days!

3. Make a splash and how!

If hitting the beach is not your cup of tea but you and your friends still want to make a splash, then booking a swimming pool at a luxury hotel is an excellent idea! Plus, you all will be treated with the best of the best service. Order in munchies and experiment with cocktails. This one offers the opportunity to get some tan too. Perfect, isn’t it?

4. Throw a “high tea” party

Want to have a more sophisticated gig? Then sipping a spot of tea is not a bad idea at all! Today, there are so many eateries and luxury hotels that not only organize a high tea party but also have a scrumptious menu complete with a variety of tea, sandwiches, scones, cakes and tarts. It’s always nice to hang out with the girls without much fuss and have a non-alcoholic beverage for a change!


5. Give out tote bags or nice-wrapped beer botels instead of party hampers

Party hampers are such a bore. They literally don’t offer anything new! Yes, it is a given everyone gets a little something for making the party such a memorable affair but it doesn’t always have to be as cliched as a hamper – no matter how many exciting goodies form a part of it.

What’s more personal and quirky is giving out tote bags or customized beer botels with something fun written on them such as “bride” or “bride’s team”. That’s definitely more memorable, isn’t it? Yes!


6. Plan a weekend getaway

Forget Goa or Thailand as they are done-to-death destinations for almost everything! Hop off to Andaman & Nicobar Islands or make a trip to Udaipur or Jaisalmer for an adventurous bachelorette party. Neemrana, Lonavala and Pondicherry are also other beautiful places to visit.

So what do you want to do? Hit the beach or explore the mountains? There’s so much India offers – so make the most of it!

7. Do a professional photo shoot

Give your iPhones a rest. Give Instagram and Snapchat a break! Enjoy the company of your friends sans smartphones and instead, hire a photographer to do a professional and thematic photo shoot for you girls. Dress up as cowboys or recreate characters and scenes from your favourite films – there’s so much here. Oh, and don’t forget the laughs and memories you all will end up creating!


It doesn’t matter which option you and your girls finally pick. The idea is to have lots of fun. So go ahead, make a budget and organize the bachelorette party of your dreams. All the best!

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