A Bride-to-be’s GILDED INDULGENCE at Iridium Spa ,The St. Regis , Dubai

Ok firstly, I’m not a bride-to-be (anytime soon) but i’m pretty qualified to write like one. Why?
Well, because as a #weddingblogger cum planner I have lived more weddings than you can
imagine and trust me when I say this Bridal Stress is contagious to a wedding planner.
Having done a lot of wedding shows immediately prior to my touchdown in Dubai I was very
much in need of a spa having lived the Bridezilla hangover of 5 brides in september alone !


As soon as I heard that Iridium Spa has a home in The St.Regis, Dubai– the first thing I did as I checked-in was to book a spot for the same evening to my surprise it was already a part of my itinerary so I was elated!

I was mesmerized by the opulence of St.Regis, Dubai and I eagerly awaited the clock to strike
6 so I could finally get the #pampering, I deserved.

As my alarm chimed-telling me that it was time to head for a little indulgence my happiness
was like that of a little kid at a candy store. I think massages are the adult version of candy land, right or amiright? 😉


(Welcomed with some tea at the beautiful & cozy reception)

Before I get to the fancy details of my lovely lovely experience aka the best 120 minutes of my
Let me give Brides 3 straight up reasons why you need to try the “Gilded Indulgence” treatment:
1. Weddings are stressful and no matter how beautiful the entire experience is in its totality
it truly is a tall order and nerve wrecking. RELAXATION IS A MUST!
2. A little extra pre-bridal glow never hurt nobody.
3. You are the bride! You DESERVE it!


Iridium Spa, The St. Regis, Dubai

Now let’s talk about that Gilded Indulgence , shall we?
As I stepped into the spa, I was warmly greeted by the receptionist who led me to a doorway
Once inside I was immediately transported into a state of tranquility because of the softest jazz
lullaby playing in the background.
I was asked to fill out a little form so my therapist could personalize the massage to my needs.
I was super excited so I quickly filled out the form and started chatting up with my therapist who
was the sweetest and answered all my question along the way.
Beginning with a relaxing foot massage whilst I sipped on a tranquil cup of tea, my therapist
tailored a bespoke ritual individual to my needs.
You may choose from 2, 3 or 4 hours of personalized Spa time with your therapist to leave you
feeling truly pampered. I went for the 2 hours package roughly priced at AED 1,040 and trust
me it’s worth every penny.

The Gilded Indulgence pampering is inspired by the New York gilded age, with light jazz music
and spatini in the background that set the tone while you are whisked away to another

The pampering ritual begins with a cleansing exfoliation of the back followed by a relaxing hot
stone back massage using warm oil glided over you.
The experience continues with the therapist checking your skin under ultraviolet light to
understand your skin better and finishes it off with a bespoke facial that attends to the skin’s
rejuvenation and radiance.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

( My escape room for the next 120 mins)

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(Post massage- luxury relaxation room)

After the back scrub and facial you are whisked to a big relaxation room where they tuck you in
a blanket and you can take a little nap if you like or if you are anything like me devour delicious
dark chocolate and calming tea.
When you are ready you can add on other treatments or go for a shower. I took a jacuzzi add to
destress a little extra.
By the end of it I was so relaxed and completely destressed.
I highly recommend this to brides to take a little pampering sesh 2-3 days before your wedding
and bridesmaids if you are listening this works as an awesome gift as well.
Now I’m off to another wedding and maybe once i’m done with the wedding season I’ll indulge in
the 4 hour package (Heck 24 hours package, if they come up with it!)


(Rainforest shower because why not 🙂

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

(The vanity area where you can get ready post your

massage. Puts Mariah Carey’s Walk-in-wardrobe to shame)


My post spa “Happy Face” 

Can live in that robe and spa forever !

Iridium Spa

The St. Regis, Dubai


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