Wedding cost calculator for a budget wedding.

What according to you is the most difficult thing to do in the wedding process? Making your dream wedding true? Planning and organising wedding? Well, budgeting would be the correct answer to the question. To decide how much you are going to spend and how is where most people fail. So here is the wedding cost calculator to rescue.


Indian wedding culture is really exciting and amusing. Wedding ceremony constitutes a number of rituals. Relatives from different places gather in one place. Everyone is busy eating, getting clicked, singing, dancing and gossiping. The days before the actual marriage is fixed are the days worth remembering for. It’s tiring yes, but the most memorable phase for everyone. It’s like the way to reach the destination is better than the destination itself.

Planning for getting married or organising a wedding isn’t only about the guests, food, photographs or and venue. It’s about how all things are managed. You can’t hire a professional photographer without spending money. You can’t have good quality food without spending money.

Ultimately, everything in your wedding planning is directly or indirectly dependent upon the money you are going to spend. What does that mean then? Fulfil all your wishes if you have a proper budget plan. The proper budget here doesn’t mean you have to spend crores on getting your dream wedding come true. It means you decide the costing according to your affordability. And plan rest other things consecutively. Wondering if it’s so important then how we can do so? It has been made simple for you now. You can use a wedding cost calculator to know your wedding estimate. 

Wedding cost calculator-

This calculator is an advanced form of a traditional calculator. The wedding cost calculator is available online and is free. Its function is just like the normal calculator but in an advanced way. Today is the time of digital media. Digital media has dominated all the other media. Now when almost everything has been digitalised, why not wedding planning or its budgeting? 


As, technological convergence has made it possible to calculate your wedding budget using the internet that too on your own self.  Now that the calculator is cheap and easily available. Are you still waiting for your wedding planner to plan and breakdown your budget? 

 Why wedding cost estimator?

As the wedding cost calculator is quite new, most people have a question about how it is useful to them, if it’s really helpful or not. There are lots and lots of astounding features of the wedding price calculator that will leave you surprised. 

About the calculator – 

The wedding price calculator is unique in itself. It has got almost all the feature that will definitely help you in making budgeting stress free. 

Wedding cost calculator has a unique feature. It divides your budget into small segments so that everything is planned and organised under budget. As soon as you decide on your wedding budget. You also need to know how much from it you are going to use for food, for the venue etc. So this calculator helps you to manage the wedding cost and divides for you. All and all it gives you the gist of the wedding cost and how you need to spend it economically. Also, having an idea of the cost to be spent, you are prepared for unplanned situations. 


Features of the calculator –

Advantage of using the wedding cost calculator is you don’t have to waste time researching. Visiting different places to choose what’s best. Wedding calculator provides a list of vendors you can choose from. Varieties of vendors are listed. You can have the look over their past works by looking at their social media pages or websites. After you have finished looking you can choose the one who’s work you find the most beautiful and suitable. Isn’t it the best way to reduce stress and save time? 

Moreover, it also gives you an option to edit your budget midway. As soon as you finish deciding the overall budget but due to some situations, it gets failed somehow. Wedding price calculator definitely is there to help you in such cases. Edit your budget whenever you feel like and the amount which is due. At last, you can also edit the cost after you have booked your vendor.

How do they work!

Now that it’s so useful, people have a question of how to understand and use it. Well, it’s not that complicated. You can go through your phone or laptops and use them whenever you want to. It gives you a pie-chart representation making it easy for you to understand in a better way. Pie-chart representation has its advantage of being understood by anyone as in you don’t need someone to explain it for you. You get an idea just glancing at it.


When such options are available that too for free, stressing isn’t a good idea. Though it’s also been said dividing work always helps to get things done on time with no unnecessary stress or workload. You got to realise how important weddings are in one’s life. It’s the beginning of a new phase of your life.  This beautiful moment isn’t something worth risking.  Organise such a grand ceremony that everyone keeps talking about it long after logging off. For this to happen, you need perfections in everything you are organising, from the very first step of your wedding process. This best wedding cost calculator is definitely gonna make your planning and budgeting process a better experience.

After this global pandemic, when almost everything has now it’s online presence. This calculator is not less than a blessing, it helps you to lay the foundation of your wedding process. Be the master of your own wedding and have all the control in your hands.

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