Flowers That Rule Indian Weddings

Flowers play an important role in all kinds of weddings in our country. The bride may tuck flowers in her hair or wrap a string of flowers around her wrist. In most North Indian weddings, the bride’s brothers hold a sheet of a flowers above her while she moves to the venue, towards the groom, to start the ceremonies.

Basically, flowers instill a sense of happiness and positivity wherever they are. And what’s better than a wedding for this?

There are several communities in India where brides are made to wear flowers in stead of jewelry and adornments. Apart from all this, the wedding venues are more or less decorated with flowers. And since there are so many of them, it is sometimes necessary to pick the ones that best go with the theme (and timeline) of the weddings.

So without wasting much time, here is a list of top 5 flowers that are used the most in Indian weddings:

1. Marigold

The most obvious vision at weddings, these happy and cheerful flowers come in yellow and orange. Even though they have a pungent smell, they are best used for floral arrangements – right at the entrance of the venue.


Marigolds are often not the right choice for bouquets and table decor. This particular kind of flower is perennial in nature and is found in all parts of the country – irrespective of the time of the year. They are also inexpensive as compared to other flowers – and hence a popular choice for weddings.

2. Jasmine

Also known as “Mallipoo”, jasmine is a flower that stands for “good luck”, “prosperity” and “fortune” in the future. They are used extensively by a lot of brides as hair accessories wherein they weave a string of these flowers into garlands.


Jasmine has a sweet fragrance which – when used in lots of quantities – fills the entire venue with a sweet, heady aroma. This flower is also used as a table accessory. Its petals are soft and dainty. It’s a lovely flower after all – and one can never go wrong when it comes to experimenting with jasmine.

3. Rose

This flower is not the most obvious choice at least in Indian weddings but it is used for decoration purposes when combined with other floral types such as marigolds and jasmine for a fabulous display. Depending upon the theme of the venue, the wedding planner can choose from a number of colours.


The most visible ones are reds, pinks and yellows as they are not only easily available but also come well within the budget. The only catch here is that excessive use of roses can look to0 gaudy or shabby. So it’s best to use them in an appropriate quantity.

4. Orchids

Purples and whites are most common types of orchids found in an Indian wedding. The wedding planner can make use of exotic orchids in various funky arrangements or weave them into strings to be set at the periphery of the wedding venue.


Another colour that is quite popular is “pink”. Some orchids have such a strong sweet smell that they can easily make any area extremely pleasant and fragrant. Orchids are expensive flowers and hence, need to fit in the budget.

5. Succulents

A new entrant, succulents are kinds of plants that store water in their leaves. This is the reason for why their leaves are fleshy and thick. They are exotic looking and are perfect for weddings which are following a more kitschy and quirky decor.


Succulents thrive in dry climates and don’t respond well to weathers that are very humid. But the best part about succulents is that they never look dull or dry. And they are pretty low maintenance too. The wedding planner can use them to complete a rustic table decor or place huge plants right at the entrance to the venue.

Succulents can even be used as give-away gifts. They can be put in pretty little pots. They make excellent gifts because they can be placed anywhere in the house. And who doesn’t love a little greenery in the house?

So which flowers are your favourites? We chose the best of the best for you and hope you liked them all. But what exactly do you think of these?

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