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Weddings are always fun to attend. Indian weddings are quite different and filled with happening memories, moments and gossips. India seems to have an entirely different culture of arranging weddings comparative to other countries. Weddings come up with different and exciting functions under it, which is tiring yet pleasing. Wondering what all the wedding rituals will cost? try wedding planning calculator.

Indian weddings are also referred to as big fat weddings as they are quite costly. In India, a person spends his one-fifth of its wealth accumulated in his lifetime on the wedding. Today, people are spending an average of 20 lakh on a wedding and it is increasing at a rapid rate each year. 

As there seems to be a significant change in trends of everything, weddings in India also seemed to have new trends in it. Today everywhere around the world, everyone is trying to be quirky which can be observed through new trends and changes in Indian wedding cultures. 

Today is an era of inflation, from selecting a good location of venue to selecting classic lehenga or jewellery we need our pockets to be stuffed. But the only difference between a prodigal man and intelligent one is in a way how they are making the use of their stuffed pockets economically. If you want to make your wedding budget process hassle-free, you should definitely try the new wedding planning calculator.

New trends in Indian weddings-

One of the most appreciable trends in Indian wedding culture is a destination wedding. Almost everyone has started to adopt the trend. In a destination wedding, couples or family decide a beautiful location away from hometown. Destination wedding helps in to save money and makes the wedding process adventurous. It has got so much popular even celebrities are going to destination weddings nowadays.

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The pre-wedding shoot is another new trend in wedding culture that is being accepted widely. Couples before marriage get pictures clicked together making wedding album more vibrant. 

These aren’t just fewer in numbers, lots and lots of more new trends can be noticed and appreciated. Trends which can make people go crazy!

Big fat Indian wedding –

Almost every Indian family and couples want their weddings luxurious and lavish which comes with a demand for investing a large amount in it. With the coming trends in wedding culture, the cost involved is changing at a rapid speed. 

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Planning and organising such a big event isn’t quite an easy task at all, it involves so many risks and comes up with a great demand for energy and enthusiasm. There are so many factors that decide the cost of the wedding. These factors can be food expenses, location of the venue, number of guests invited etc. The wedding should always be organised in a way that it is affordable, extraordinary and magnificent. Deciding and breaking down of budget is a complicated task, one should know how to do it. Budgeting is a talent. Budgeting isn’t something which can be ignored if one wants to get good at affordable price. It isn’t something that can be done without planning and discussion. Because each event in a wedding depends upon the cost involved and spent. Wedding planners though help in breaking down of the total budget but now there is an easy way to calculate your overall budget by yourself through wedding planning calculator. These calculators make the cost of planning and deciding the overall budget of your wedding free and easy.  

Wedding budget breakdown calculator

It always feels good when you have someone who can reduce your workload. Just like a friend who makes your concept clear one night before the exam day. Wedding planning calculator is also a wedding friendly calculator. It is free and an online calculator which helps you to breakdown and decide the overall budgeting of your wedding. This calculator provides several categories available from minimum to maximum prices that you can select. 

 It provides the gist of the cost that you have to spend on entire weddings functions. How comfortable it would be if you can control your own wedding budget. 

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Features of the calculator –

Wedding planning calculators not only help in budgeting but also provides a list of vendors to choose, affordable vendors! One can choose a vendor by glancing at his work through photographs on its social media page or its company website. 

Moreover, even after deciding the budget, it can be edited in a midway. Let’s accept the fact that even after pre-planning everything, there come impromptu situations. This situation may or may not affect the entire wedding process. So when every minute is crucial, why to waste it in stressing about things which can be easily solved. Wedding planning calculator is there to rescue. 

Besides all these advantages of the calculator from determining the wedding price estimate to providing the list of vendors to choose. It is also free and can be used by anyone, anywhere and anytime. The pie chart representation helps in to give a clear understanding. Wedding planning calculator makes the most hectic task easy and immediate!

The necessity of wedding planning calculator – 

Now isn’t the time for risking such an important event of your life without planning it adequately. Weddings mostly happen once in a lifetime, making it the best moment of your life is necessary. For which it is is necessary that things go perfectly. And perfect things requires proper planning and management. Wedding planning calculator will definitely help you to lay the foundation of your wedding process. A systematic breakdown of budget helps to maintain the smoothness and workflow. How good it is to have an idea of how much you are going to spent on each function and the wedding and that too systematically. Not only idea but you are the ones who have control in his/her hand. You are the master of your dream wedding, feels like impossible but no these calculator have made it possible for you.

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Always be ready for some uncertain situations, be extra prepared, save extra money other than from your wedding budget which can be used in such unwanted situations. As not everything goes on exactly as we plan. Make your wedding dream come true, goals for others and a topic of gossips for relatives. Be an example for others.    

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