How To Have A Rocking Morning Wedding

When we think of a typical Indian wedding, we always imagine it as a nighttime function. Don’t get us wrong but we know that there are many regions in our country where the common custom is to have a morning wedding.

When it comes to a nighttime wedding, we are often blinded by the sheer beauty of the lighting – it always has to be magnificent for it is vital to light up the venue! The bride and groom wear attires that look good even without the daylight.

But what if you decide to have your wedding in the sun, rather than under the stars. Let us tell you something – it is a fabulous idea! It’s amazing for a wedding ceremony to take place in natural lighting where frankly speaking, everyone has a lot more energy – especially the bride and groom.

Keeping that thought in mind, here are 5 tips on how you can have a spectacular wedding even in the morning:

1. Experiment with decor

Since lights become a thing of the past, it gives the families to go crazy with other kinds of decor. The use of different kinds of flowers in various arrangements dominates the wedding venue – you will agree with this.


And if using flowers is not exactly your cup of tea, you can choose to use origami creations and paper decor to brighten up the place. Other kitschy decor items include parasols and umbrellas that also add their own quirkiness to the venue. Hence, choose well!

2. Use of bold colours

Reds, golden and blues are commonly seen during nighttime weddings. But in the mornings, you have the option to choose beautiful and delicious colours like bright pink, turquoise blue, canary yellow and saffron orange – not all at the same time though.

Whether it comes to decor or keeping a fashion theme for guests, you can pick one or combination of two to instill magic into your wedding venue. But use them proportionately since all these colours are bright and might look gaudy, if not used correctly.

3. Fun outdoor seating

Nighttime functions are more formal – honestly speaking. During morning weddings, there is a crisp of air of friendliness. And since sun almost always makes everyone happy, it should get reflected on the venue’s seating arrangement as well.


Why stick to just round tables and chairs when you can also decorate the place with jhoolas and charpaayis? It’s fun and quirky. And trust us – everyone will have a gala time at your wedding if you keep the mood light and peppy. These funky furniture pieces would really do that!

4. More choice in clothing colour

Baby pinks and blues, pastels, yellow and light greens are some of the colours that both bride and groom can choose for the attire to be. Really – in nighttime weddings, the only colours visible are reds, plums and dark greens.


They look absolutely stunning on the bride but if she wants to don a different, much smoother colour, then she can do that in a morning wedding. The makeup also becomes lighter. The bride’s skin can breathe and everyone can actually see her bridal glow – which often gets hidden by makeup (not that we are against it!).

Similarly, grooms can also pick a colour that bests suits them. Although, it is best if they match it with the bridal outfit’s colour.

5. Everyone’s more energized

You wake up in the morning and all you have to do is get dressed and get married. This case is not possible during a “raat ki shaadi” where you have to wait till evening to get dressed and take a vow. This holds true for the rest of the family also which is so busy running around and taking care of all the rituals.

So, everyone’s in an upbeat mood. And everyone’s happy. Since there’s more energy within everyone, the affair becomes a lot more fun. That’s the best part!

So, are you excited to have your wedding in the morning? We are sure you are! This is such an exciting time for you. And we wish you and your spouse-to-be a very happy and glorious married life. You guys will rock your wedding, seriously!

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