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How To Plan For Your Wedding Menu Like A Pro

In Indian weddings, food plays a very important role. Whether it is a lunch buffet or an exotic international spread at the marriage reception, guests often rate a wedding on the basis of the delicious dishes and desserts they got to have.

If you are a foodie, you will agree that the reason you attended so many weddings in your life was because you wanted to have “shaadi ka khana”. And now since it is you who is getting married, an excellent wedding menu should be a priority, isn’t it?

Of course! Even though a major part of your headache will be taken care of by the caterer, you still have to step in yourself to contribute to the menus for all the 2-3 celebratory days. Why not? After all, this is your time and the menu should reflect a part of your personality.

Adding to this thought, here are 5 points you should keep in mind:

1. Focus on starters and welcome drinks

Everyone likes to have a fresh glass of mocktail and hot potato or paneer tikkas. Really – you have been a wedding guest before. What was it that you enjoyed the most? The starters, right? Definitely! Appetizers help the guests in settling down at the venue and keep them busy.


Make sure the caterer leaves no stone unturned in preparing a string of finger licking starters for all your hungry guests! As far as drinks are concerned, more the variety, the better it is. From soft drinks to a few mocktails – keep options!

2. Don’t forget the usual dishes

Dal makhani, shahi paneer, mixed vegetable and gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream are some of the usual delicacies that you will certainly find in almost every wedding! There’s nothing wrong in having them on the menu. In fact, the guests would be more than happy to see familiar dishes!


Most importantly – who will say “no” to having hot butter “naans” with dal makhani and mixed vegetable, really? The thought of it automatically warms our heart!

3. Experiment with “chaat” and salads

Sometimes the appetizers and welcome drinks are so delicious that guests tend to overindulge and in the end, don’t feel so hungry. Capture their not-so-hungry hearts with a surreal list of mouth-watering “chaats” and exotic cold salads.


Who said the main course is everything? It is not! Give them a yummy surprise with eclectic food items. No one says no to “chaat” and yeah, there are always going to be fitness freaks at the wedding. So, salads will automatically be a hit!

4. Take the venue and weather into consideration

There is no way on Earth can you have a barbecue grill if the wedding is indoors. Your guests will get uncomfortable because of the fumes. The venue will get really hot and uneasy. So even if you want to have a barbecue at your wedding, make sure the arrangements are made outside.

Similarly, if you have a winter wedding, make sure you don’t prepare hot dishes or sweets outside. Make such an arrangement that guests can enjoy food in warmth, rather than stand in long queues outside in cold.

The placement of all your dishes has to be kept according to the venue and weather. May both be in your favour on your special day!

5. Do a tasting session before the D-Day

You might have a great menu in mind. The caterer might be more excited than you for this. But if you don’t try all the experimental dishes, you can get a rude shock, along with your wedding guests, on the D-Day. Don’t let that happen to anyone please.

Therefore, there is no harm in holding a tasting session with chef to see that your taste buds are happy enough. Whatever changes, additions or subtractions you might want in the menu can be effectively communicated to the chef then and there.

Don’t worry – these tasting sessions are an experience too and you will have a great time nonetheless! So go ahead – step in and help the caterer and your parents in deciding a rather gastronomic journey for all your guests.

Let all your marriage ceremonies be a wonder to remember and most importantly, relish!

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