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Indian weddings culture not so easy yet most thrilling and exciting amongst all other wedding cultures. Indian weddings are luxurious and big. In India, a person spends one-fifth of his total wealth he accumulates in his entire lifespan on the wedding. An average Indian wedding costs 20 lakhs and is growing at a rapid speed each year. Indian weddings are all about family gatherings, food, photographs, gossips and forever memories. It involves so many functions and occasion hand in hand. Get your wedding and it’s rituals cost estimate with Indian wedding cost calculator.

Wedding checklists –

Planning for an Indian wedding comes up with lots of things in the category. Organising, budgeting, shopping etc things require immediate attention. Wedding planning isn’t complicated but requires proper management and planning.  Organising a wedding which is different, unique yet under budget is what a successful wedding is all about. 

Planning things under budget is the foremost thing. Before organising any such big functions one should always decide beforehand how much he/she is investing and then plan accordingly. To calculate the exact wedding budget, now there is an Indian wedding cost calculator

Indian wedding cost calculator –


Mostly troubles begin while deciding the budget and getting everything which aligns the interest and is under budget too.  Indian wedding cost calculator helps to know the marriage estimate. Dividing a wedding budget has now become free. Besides being free, it can be used by anyone. It is more of a personal calculator which is easily accessible to anyone anytime. These calculators help in to reduce maximum budgeting stress and are a wedding friendly. 

Indian wedding cost calculators just provide the estimate of the wedding, actual cost may vary depending on the factors like the venue, destination or on the guests invited. These help to begin planning your wedding and to move one step ahead. 

Is having a budget plan necessary?

The purpose doesn’t matter, for anything big to happen systematic planning is necessary. Even while deciding for food in a restaurant one needs to decide several things. Deciding a restaurant for your favourite food is secondary, the primary task is to look upon how much he/she is investing.

Big fat Indian weddings demand lots of money, time and energy. Investing such a vast amount without having any idea how to is dreadful and risky. Planning budget for each and everything beforehand is helping in maintaining the celebrations and functions extra fun and smooth. You already know how you are spending your money and on what things.  Moreover, planning a budget offers an essence of overall money that you will probably invest. Besides, this would help to be extra prepared for impromptu situations.

About Indian wedding cost calculator-

These calculators are basically budgeting tools which are available online and are personal. Planning for a wedding and want to know how much all it will cost, marriage expense calculators are here to help. These have categories from minimum to the maximum value to know whats your budget. Calculators provide various prices for different requirements such as photography, venue etc. Primarily it gets the information on how much you are likely to invest in a particular activity at your wedding. After fetching all the information it provides the best vendors list according to your selected budget who will make your wedding magnificent. Before hiring a wedding planner, be your own wedding planner and breakdown your budget as you want to in your own pricing. It gives control of your wedding in your own hands. These will reduce the burden and make the wedding planning stroll. 

Why Indian wedding cost calculator?

It’s quite common to question why even we need to use this calculator when other options available. Well, the answer is simple, for a while you will be your own wedding planner and decide everything as exactly as you like which is affordable to you, isn’t it the best? because we know what’s best for ourselves like nobody else. More of the advantages of using wedding cost calculator is –

Know your vendors before!

One can know about the vendors by looking at the pictures or work they have done before. There are lists of vendors to choose from. It also provides a rough estimate of the cost of each vendor. It’s like online shopping where you can reach out to different vendors of different prices at the same time. Searching through various platforms and wasting time when every second is important is not a good idea. Indian wedding cost calculators already have a list to choose from in one place, so no need for extra labour and hard work. 

Edit whenever it feels like!

Even after finalising the overall budgeting, you can edit and adjust in the middle of the process by using the wedding cost calculator which helps the work to go inflow and smooth. Most of the time things doesn’t go in a way we decided, there are ups and downs in costs when so many activities are being organised at the same time, so stressing and effecting your face glow isn’t a good option. Edit your budget in the calculator and rest all is managed by it. Moreover, the amount which is due can also be edited. 

Easy representation!

You don’t need extra skills or knowledge to understand the budgeting of your wedding if you are using these calculators. After everything is decided it represents your overall budget in a simple manner which is easily understandable. Understanding the budgeting and its breakdown is easy. The pie chart representation gives a clear understanding. Looking at a pie chart, you will know how much each activity are costing and if any changes are required it can be edited later.

Organising a wedding process is uncertain, everything will be as decided is not a case every time. That’s why planning is necessary always while investing such a large amount. Planning before anything is crucial. The secret behind any successful event is good planning and management.  Planning is necessary not only for budgeting but for everything. Planning helps in to be prepared in advance for situations which can affect the whole event. Plan before you make a decision.


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