Luxury Destination Weddings with The St. Regis, Dubai

The grandeur and opulence of #IndianWeddings is not unknown with each passing year they are only getting bigger and fatter and the trend of #Destinationweddings is a rage in India now,
and leading the pack for exotic wedding destinations is – Dubai, an emirate known to be just as
glamorous and lavish as Indian weddings are.
Since Indian weddings tend to be big affairs; a destination wedding is an extended celebration
cum Holiday and isn’t it the best kind with everyone there right by your side.


The St. Regis , Dubai , Sheikh Zayed Road

The St. Regis , Dubai

Located on the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE is made up of seven Emirates, with Dubai leading the
way in hosting the increased number of destination weddings taking place.
Now that you know how Dubai is the #Flagbearer emirate of #destinationweddings , thank us in
advance, because we have zeroed in the perfect venue as well.
Allow us to give you 5 reasons why – The St. Regis, Dubai is the #perfect place to have a

1. The majestic look and location:
Apart from the legacy that the name alone carries, The St. Regis Dubai is a gorgeous property and
the perfect backdrop for your wedding with sweeping staircases and palatial interiors and to top that off is located on the famous Sheikh Zayed road only 2.6 km from the famous tourist spot Burj
Khalifa, so inbetween the wedding functions is the perfect time to slip away for a little sight seeing.
(But trust us you won’t wanna leave this gorgeous property!)


Entrance lobby of The St. Regis, Dubai with sweeping staircases.

2. Pool side Mehendi or a cool youngsters on the rooftop, Yes!
Imma letchu finish but St . Regis, Dubai has one of the best rooftop pools of All Time!
Ok so Dubai is a little hot even (Oct-May, The Wedding season) is pleasant enough to host an
awesome pool side Mehendi. Don’t take our word, see the picture below.


A rooftop setting is perfect to host a Day Mehendi or a late night youngsters.

3. A Pre-wedding Bridal Spa :
The massive productions that Indian weddings are, and the amount of nerve wrecking prep it
involves it’s easy to get overwhelmed so a pre-wedding spa is highly recommended to destress
before the festivities kick in. The St. Regis is home to Iridium Spa, a luxury spa experience which is amazing. They offer a ton of relaxation therapies perfect to enhance your pre bridal glow. Take your fam too.


A little R & R before the festivities kick in at the Iridium Spa.

4. Bachelor Night at the J & G Steakhouse:
We know boys will be boys and they will want their bachelor’s party to be OTT .. hear us out ..
How does a night of debauchery coupled good liquor and the most delicious Steak sound?
Awesome, we know !
On the first floor of The St. Regis is a glorious steakhouse which looks nothing short of an exclusive gentlemen’s club. With dark interiors and luxurious plush seating this place transports you to utter luxury. The food is as good as it gets also must must MUST try the Tomahawk Steak! and the thrill to choose a steak knife from their treasure chest is pretty exciting to be honest!

The drink selection is magnificent (Over 250 WINE SELECTION) and people, you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!


Wine and luxe dine at J & G Steakhouse.

5. Brunching and top notch chef’s to indulge your guest’ tastebuds:
The St. Regis has a lovely restaurant the Brasserie Quartier. I personally had the good fortune to
devour some of their best dishes and even interact with their head chef’s (Chef Curtis Pintye & Chef Sameer Sehgal. Who has overseen a LOT of weddings here!)
The insider tip they gave us though Nitrogen food is BIG this season. Indian weddings are known of the wide food selection and The St. Regis has an open accommodating policy as well. So, if you
like that chef from London to make that exact same dish for your wedding that you had on wigmore street 3 years again, chef Curtis & Sameer open their kitchen to churn out the best dishes for you.
You can also have a brunch here with your family and friends.


A fam brunch at the Brasserie Quartier? Yes, please 🙂

So if you are planning a wedding under the Arabian sky, The St. Regis is your home away from
home and the perfect venue to host your dream wedding with all the luxuries that dubai can offer
plus the famous emirati hospitality, you and your guests will be left in awe.
Don’t forget to send us an invite if you do end up checking in at The St. Regis, Dubai for your
wedding. Xoxo


Fun Photo sesh at The St. Regis, Dubai
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