Neha & Karan: A Fairytale Wedding Indeed!

Do you believe in fairytale weddings?

If it is a “yes”, then you will definitely enjoy reading what we are about to share with you. And if you don’t believe in fairytales weddings, then let us assure you will start believing soon! They say marriages are made in heaven; it is a joyous moment uniting two people in the celebration of life.

Since at Wedzo it is our endeavour to orchestrate wedding events that are truly magical, memorable and one-of-a-kind,  we couldn’t be happier when New Delhi-based Neha Seth decided to share with us her love story – that resulted in marriage!


How it all began

Neha and Karan were in just 7th class in New Delhi school when they met each other for the first time. That was almost 14 years ago. They quickly became very good friends but love hadn’t entered the picture yet. “After a few years, Karan shifted to Bahrain and we were not in touch for a long time”, shares Neha.

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Love bloomed online and how

However, destiny had other plans. One day, out of the blue, both of them met online and were in touch again! Finally – love bloomed. “We got married after dating each other for four years. Ours was a long distance relationship. I always wanted to marry someone who is my best friend. I really believe in miracles,” gushes Neha.

When the wedding ceremonies began, they were nothing less than a dream! Both Neha and Karan ensured that the festivities were a treat to remember! From the engagement function to “mehendi ki rasam” – both the bride and groom put in their heart and soul to perfect everything.

Pre-wedding masti

Neha and Karan wanted their pre-wedding shoot to be romantic but with a pinch of fun! “We used bubbles and scrabbles during the shoot to instill that fun factor,” adds Neha. They chose Dusit Devrana, a premium hotel nestled in 3.2 hectares of landscaped gardens near Chhatarpur Temple, to hold the function.


“It was the perfect location for a pre-wedding shoot. I wanted the video to be natural, that showed our true emotions for each other,” says Neha.

Exchanging rings

For the ring ceremony, Neha never wanted a regular engagement tray. Instead she chose a bunch of flowers from Ferns and Petals with two rings placed amongst them and a pink ribbon touching the ground. “I loved this for it was a different concept,” adds Neha.


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“Mehendi laga ke rakh na”

This was an afternoon, Punjabi-themed ceremony – complete with marigold, bangles and other kitschy decor items such as a chaarpai, a cycle and a photobooth well-decorated with flowers.

“The best thing about this function was the photo booth with hanging frames and marigold decorations. I would marry all over again just to repeat my “mehendi” function. It was the best part of all ceremonies. It was just perfect”, gushes Neha.

For the “mehendi” ceremony, Neha also prepared colourful boxes and filled them with fancy things such as a “mehendi” cone, Jaipuri mirrors, keychains which she bought from Jaipur, a pack of “bindis”, bangles, a beautiful earring pearl box and a few more things.

Yes, each of those boxes were curated by the bride-to-be herself!
Yes, each of those boxes were curated by the bride-to-be herself!


She also got mehendi-designed cupcakes for all the guests with her and Karan’s name written on them. So you see – how much love went into ensuring that the festivities were nothing but perfect! After all – marriage is a big thing and no stone should be left unturned to make it a success. 

And if you’re wondering just how happy this gorgeous couple looked on their wedding day? Here’s a glimpse Neha happily shares:

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Neha smiles and asks, “do you believe in fairytales? I do because my wedding was not less than one for me!”

We wish the happy couple all the very best for all their endeavours!

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