Inspiring PADMAVATI bridal looks for brides to be!

Okay, I admit that there are a lot of controversies going on with the movie, Padmavati. BUT, We’re completely awestruck with Deepika Padukone’s looks depicting Padmavati in the film. She looks royal, gorgeous, stunning and whatever a bride would dream of looking! Padmavati bridal looks inspire almost every brides-to-be out there.

Padmavati was a legendary Indian queen, an exceptionally beautiful princess of the Singhal kingdom. It was said, her beauty lured the sultan of Delhi to lay siege to Chittor to obtain her.

Anyway, Keeping all of the histories aside, we’re here to discuss her regal looks in the film and how they might help you with your big day! So here we go!

1.Choose pastels!


Let’s talk about choosing neutral-pastel shades for one of your ceremonies. Nowadays brides to choose ivory and pastel shades more than the traditional red. These colours look beautiful making you look stunning!

2. Detailed Naths, Septums, Borlas and Maang-teekas.


The naths Deepika Padukone wore were heavy and detailed but looked absolutely wonderful. Usually, Rajput women opt for Borlas, but we think you beauties could rock it too! Borlas can be attached to the matha-Patti as well. And if you’re not too sure about the Borla, Go with the Maang-teeka and pair it up with a Jhumar.

3. Subtle Makeup, Heavy Jewellery


Padmavati, The Queen of beauty sobered down on makeup and went all out with jewellery. Have a look at- The little septum, with the heavy nath and the choker necklace merging into rani haar.  We don’t have to explain anything here, the unique jewellery does all the talking.

4. The Bindi


Go through all the pictures once, what’s consistent? Yes, the Bindi! And it stands out because it’s not between the eyebrows like everyone else wears it. It’s a little lifted, on the forehead. It looks pretty elegant worn like that. Doesn’t it?

5. Let your hair loose!


Buns and braids are convenient I know! But look at how this loose hair looks with all those magnificent jewellery. The Maatha-Patti/Borla works like a hairband keeping the hair in place and the loose hair compliment the Indian bridal look. Steal the ideas from Padmavati bridal looks now. If you are about, to begin with, your wedding planning process. Here’s a surprise for you. Calculate your wedding estimate cost through our wedding budget calculator.

Happy reading!

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