We know you have your bridesmaids to help you out and we wish that your wedding day goes on without any troubles and emergencies but it’s always better to have a back-up! Wedzo prepared a list of essentials for our gorgeous brides to be! Here is the list of the things you should keep in your bridal survival kit. Keep them with you and your wedding would be as dreamy as you wanted.



Mini sewing kit

Include scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins.


You never know when you’ll need these, It’s always good to keep one!


 Personally, keep it all times!

Hand Sanitizer-

 Ladies, you’ll be meeting all your guests, for hours. Keep your hands clean!

Mini Makeup Bag- 

Lipstick that the bride is wearing, compact, highlighter and a blush.

Energy bars-

 You’ll be exhausted and carrying energy bars would keep you on the move.

Baby powder –

A baby powder will help the bride feel fresh as a daisy.

Extra undergarments – 

The underwire poking out or the strap falling out, you know how bras can be!

Makeup remover-

 Avoid your makeup smudging!

Blotting papers-

For absorbing shine and oil.

Mini First Aid & Medicine Kit- 

Include Band-Aids, burn relief, Tissues, antiseptic, a pain reliever, allergy medicine, and antacid!

Shifa_Getting ready-99

Deodorant and Perfume-

You’ll be tired and probably sweaty, you at least want to smell fresh.


So the bride can stay hydrated without messing up her lipstick.

Breath mints- 

Be minty fresh while talking to your guests!


Just in case of an emergency

Eye drops-

 Don’t let red eyes ruin your makeup!

Power Bank and Charger- 

It’s gonna be a long day. You’ll need it.


For taming dry and scratchy patches!

Hair elastics, safety pins and bobby pins- 

Just in case your hair try and act funny! Oh and add a small brush as well.


 It’s always good to have a back-up for your back-up plan!

Last but not least. One thing which cannot be inside the kit but is necessary. That is your best friend or your sister. Keep them with you as the most essential accessory. Do not miss out these any essentials from your Bridal survival kit. Need to have someone who can help you out in planning and budgeting. Calculate your estimate cost with our wedding budget calculator. 

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