Types of Honeymoon Couples – Weird, Weirder, Weirdest

Have you ever been on a honeymoon? Oh! I mean, are you married? Married or not, feel free to fit into any category. But I am sure you must have come across these special critters on one or the other trip of yours. So here you go:


  1. People who prefer international locations – Desi Firangi
  • Nooooooo – is what you get to hear when you suggest an Indian option to them. Dubai is like Dehradun to them. This couple is so international that half of their savings are through duty free.


  1. Couple that keeps it local – Manali to Goa Express.
  • These domestic birds have a simpler choice – Beach or Hills. Their diary of options open on Kashmir, leads to Goa and then finally ends up on Kerela.


  1. Over excited couple – Selfie fever
  • This couple is over enthusiastic and full of energy round the clock. They don’t hold each other’s hand as much as they hold their selfie stick. They are more on Facebook than on their honeymoon – their regular social media updates really irritate others.


  1. PDA specialists
  • National or international honeymooners – PDA specialists fall under a bigger umbrella. Their newly-wed-ness is so loud and clear that every second individual on the street congratulates them on their wedding. They are so tied to each other that the next fevicol ad can be conceptualized on them.


  1. Super shy
  • This super shy couple behaves as if their family is spying on them like paparazzi and they can’t be caught holding hands. We understand marriage is intimidating – but these two have reached a different level of intimidation – Honey you gotta get her the moon, chand tare todd laun types.


  1. The Bunnies – Who don’t get out of their room only
  • They are that sort of couple who consider their resort or hotel as the ultimate destination – their hotel room is their spirit place. May be Mr. Hubby didn’t get his wifey the SPF 50 sunscreen because of which she is scared to get out in the sun. You must be finding it hard to believe but yes, they exist. They rather do their things than spend time with the world.


  1. The explorers
  • More than their honeymoon they are excited about travelling places. They tend to forget that they are newly-weds and keep trekking all day, leaving not a single sight unseen and by the time they reach their room they are so exhausted that a deep sleep is all they need.


These are the seven weird wonders that I have come across – If you have weirder experiences or have seen an eighth wonder, we would love to hear about it. Comment down below and share your story.

Diksha Bhandari

Diksha Bhandari

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