Wedding cost at 5-Star/3- Star/2-Star hotels in Delhi?

Marrying your soulmate is a dream which everyone wants to be crowned with. The wedding itself defines a new beginning of one’s life journey. And it’s a phase through which almost everyone has to go once in a lifetime. Deciding to get married and to organise a wedding, these both aren’t similar in the first place. Once you decide that you are ready to take up the baggage of responsibilities, thereafter all the adventure begins. Planning to organise a wedding in Delhi? Wondering the wedding cost at 5-Star/3- Star/2-Star hotels in Delhi? This blog will help you know to get an idea.

Most often, for most of the couple planning for a wedding and organising it is a whole new experience highering the chances of things getting complicated and hustle-bustle. 

The right way to start the planning of your wedding is to discuss with your better half and your family and decide an overall budget of the wedding before starting with anything else in your wedding planning process. 

Planning and budgeting both these should be prior in your checklist. You can’t really think of a beautiful and successful wedding without looking upon these elements. Once you dive into planning and budgeting you realise there are a dozen of other things that go in the category. You should be prepared to invest a lot of time and energy into this.

To organise a wedding you don’t really need a crore budget, for a simple, sober and classic wedding you just need to have someone beside you who can guide you in every possible way. From the past few years, the trend to hire a wedding planner is on peak level. And why not, they lessen your workload and stress. Moreover, they make your imagination to reality with some beautiful ideas of their own.  

Digital wedding planning –

But, now in an era of digitalisation when everything is possible through the internet. Now you can also calculate your wedding budget through wedding cost calculator for free. You can also now choose your wedding planners by going through their website and glancing at their work and hire them as per your interest and affordability. 

Mostly, couples feel trouble in finding a perfect venue. Major issue while selecting a venue is a cost. Many couples have a misconception that to have a wedding in a luxurious venue we need to have a big budget. That isn’t true. If you are looking for Banquet halls specifically in Delhi. Here are some budget estimates for you to plan your wedding in 5-Star, 3-Star and 2- Star venues of Delhi –   

Weddings in Iconic Venue-  

Firstly, keep the fact in the mind that you don’t necessarily need a high budget to get your wedding done in 5-Star venue. You can even manage within 10-15 lakhs if you start to plan your wedding early. The budget only depends upon the level of luxury you want. Also, the number of guests invited matters a lot.

They have their own in-house decorators with some exotic themes and decorations. If you want their in-house decorators, it will cost you 2-10 lakhs per event probably. There per plates charges are approx INR 2500-4000. For anything extra, you will have to pay. In a lump sum, the average cost of a wedding in a 5-Star venue would be 20-30 lakh if you want to have all the fillings in your wedding. It will cost you less if you hire an outsider to plan your wedding decorations etc. Also, the charges of every individual 5-Star Barrot hall are different. So the estimate wedding cost can vary according to their charges and facilities. 

The benefits of organising your wedding in a 5-Star venue are they have a very professional and dedicated team. They have exemplary services to provide. They will definitely make the celebration of your wedding royal and luxurious.

Weddings in Premium Venue – 

If you have a budget of about 10-15 lakh, 3-star banquet halls in Delhi are best. Their charges are less and have very basic facilities and service to provide. They can offer you the best at very affordable and average prices. If you want your wedding to be decent and elegant in a very cheap budget, 3-Star venues are here. They will provide you with a beautifully designed banquet hall. The cost per plate of 3-Star venues in a lump sum ranges from around INR1000-1500. You can very easily host your wedding at 10-15 lakhs in 3-Star venues of Delhi.

Weddings in Standard Venue –

The standard venue of Delhi can host your wedding in about 5-10 lakhs. If you want your wedding to be in a minimum budget, the standard venue has got facilities and services to offer which is affordable and under budget. The cost of any venue depends on its food requirements, you will have an average cost per plate in a 2-Star venue ranging from  INR 800-1000. If your budget is in between 5-10 lakhs and you don’t want your wedding to be costly, you can go for 2-Star venues. 

Some of the basic tips for you to plan your wedding  – 

➤ Start planning your wedding before six to eight months from your wedding day. This will actually lessen your work load and moreover if you want to cut down your budget in iconic venues, approaching them early would help you. 

➤Decide the budget and break it down as early as possible. Use online available wedding cost calculator. 

➤Choosing a venue is a daunting task. So start looking for it as soon as you decide to get married. Because the budget of your wedding is half dependent upon your venue. Also, try to find a venue which is nearby your location.  

Remember, the charges of the venue aren’t something that can be fixed. The charges of every individual venue can vary as per their services and facilities. Wedding cost at 5-Star/3- Star/2-Star hotels in Delhi may vary as per their services and your requirements. So there can be a fluctuation in an estimated wedding budget. Moreover, some other factors are also included as the level of luxury you want. More the level of luxuries you want, higher the budget. Wedding is a lifelong commitment and the beginning of something beautiful. Make sure it is well organised, stress-free and everything runs smoothly.  You can also calculate your wedding estimate through our wedding cost calculator.

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