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Wedding Invite Ideas To WOW Your Guests

You know the old proverb ‘All is well that ends well’? Well, there’s something amiss in that!… What it actually should be is ‘All is well that goes well.’ From the beginning to the end, everything has to work out perfectly, especially if it is your much awaited wedding!

So how does a wedding begin?

Well…with the invitations of course! Inviting guests to the wedding is the first step in that long drawn process that requires months of toiling. So why not make a lasting impact with the invitation itself and make your wedding the talk of the town!

Now, most wedding invites have a been-there-done-that feel to them. It either ends up being a low-key card, or a high-end card in a box with dry fruits. But it just has to be a card. It’s grown rather boring now, actually. So how about you jazz up your wedding with really amazing, innovative wedding invites that will make your guests go ‘Wowwww’?

Here are some rather interesting ideas for your wedding invite:

Chocolatey goodness

How about sending your guests a box of bright coloured-foil wrapped chocolates in a cute box with bright patterns printed on it, with the wedding invite printed over the lid? This is sure to make both the kids and the adults go smile in excitement! After all, there’s something about chocolates that makes their hearts skip a beat! The box can be doubled up by the guests as a jewellery box or to keep interesting tidbits later and will be a constant reminder of your wedding.

chocolate box invite

source: Etsy 

The handmade invite

This is any day better than buying formal wedding invite cards for the people who are really close to you since it lends a very personal touch. Do not go with what’s easily available just to find an easy way out. Design your own wedding card. Do a sketch or a painting on the front, and write a heartfelt message inside. Then get this reprinted and send your own, unique wedding card to the people close to you.

handmade invite

The Arabian Nights

How about going all ‘royale’ on your guests? Send your guests really cool invites in the form of scrolls! Get slim, carved wooden boxes and put in some dried petals of lavender or rose. Then get scrolls made of yellow parchment paper (easily available at all good stationery shops, or can be bought online), and have the wedding invite message printed on them. Roll up your invitation scrolls, put them in the box, and ta da! You have a fab wedding invite right there!

scroll invite

source: Etsy 

The literary invite

How about having elegant diaries custom-created to serve as your wedding invites? You can get the diaries made at a printing store. Have embroidered cloth covers, faux leather covers in various colours or even printed covers. Use heavy, creamy white paper inside. Then on the page with the date that the wedding is set, have a wedding invitation message printed there.  Make sure that a very visible bookmark is stuck onto that page. Truly unique, isn’t it!

literary wedding invites


The artsy invite

You could also have your wedding invite embroidered on heavy cloth. This needs preparation months in advance. Find a place where you can get the wedding-card sized pieces of cloth embroidered with the message, and designs of flowers, etc. Then buy small, square, carved wooden boxes. Put in dried lavender petals as well as a few leaves of dried neem. Then fold the invites and put into the boxes. And there…your very own artsy wedding invite is ready!

artsy wedding invites


The classy invite

You could also get sleek, modern wedding invites in the form of black or midnight blue cases with black satin insides where you can put in an old-world fountain pen, and a small pocket notebook with leather covers and heavy white paper. On the inside of the lid, in gold or silver cursive lettering, have the invitation message printed. This is another useful wedding invite that is not just a card that people will not have any use of. The pen and the notebook will come in handy, and every time people use them, they will be reminded of your wedding.

classy wedding invites


There’s a lot you can do with your wedding invite to give it a unique touch. So don’t hesitate to get creative with your ideas. Let your imagination run wild and come up with a completely out-of-the-box idea that will make your wedding a bit hit even before the celebration has really begun.

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